The ToWave Strategy uses ToWave Indicator Extended to define the entry and exit points on the market. The strategy is situated for currency pairs with moderate volatility and their cross rates. Trading can be conducted in any time period, but are best suited time periods M15, H1. The core of the definition of entry points is the principle of the breakthrough of the lower trend in direction of a higher trend. The principle is based on price patterns and elements of Elliott wave theory .

ToWave Extended builds trends in the next order:

  • builds extremums (maximums and minimums) - using the specific patterns (configurations of the candles) and their sequences determines the current maximum or minimum

    Extremums building in ToWave indicator

  • builds fractals – it is extremums, after that price movement changes direction
    • direction of price movement is determined by a subsequent change of maximums and minimums, in which the condition is satisfied, for example, for the upward movement of prices - the current maximum is higher that previous, and the current minimum is higher that previous minimum
    • if the condition is violated - the last extremum considered as fractal - the maximum (for an uptrend) or minimum (for downtrend) value of the price, after which the trend changes direction
  • builds the lower trend using fractals - it is the trend forming a wave on the current chart; uptrends are based on minimums, downtrends are based on maximums
  • Fractals and trends building in ToWave uindicator

  • on the higher trend fractals considired as the extremums (for expample, fractal on M15-chart considired as extremum (maximum or minimum) on H1-chart)
  • using higher trend extremums indicator define higher trend fractals and higher trend line (similary of the method above)
  • With that means is reailized principle of nested waves, for example, some impulse or correction waves on М15 chart forms one wave on H1 chart

For its consideration of the principle we would assume that the lower trend is on the M15 chart (M15-trend), and the higher trend is on the H1 chart (H1-trend). In order to use the strategy we can use only M15 chart on which ToWave Extended builds by it self fractals, M15, H1 trends and determine the entry points.

The principle of entry into the market based on the fact that the more powerful movement occurs in the direction of the trend. The entry point into the market is always determined by the breakthrough of the M15-trend. The point of breakthrough depends on the support (resistance) level, that formed by last fractal before the breakthrough.

There are two situations considired:

  1. breakthrough of М15-trend with breakthrough of Н1-trend, this case is considered as H1-trend direction change
  2. breakthrough М15-trend in direction of Н1-trend –this case is considired as the formation of a new impulse wave .

Entry points into the market using ToWave indicator

The entry point into the market is formed with some offset relatively support(resistance) line, usually not above 5 points.

There are three types of the exit point depending on strategy variation:

  • breakthrough of М15-trend in backward direction
  • when entry point in backward direction is formed
  • fixed value of profit.

The sample of indicator working is below:

Журнал для трейдеров